contenders for 2021-2022 walleye challenge

By Tina Hageman / January 26, 2022

Season is still in progress – ends February 27 – still have time to get in the gallery or send me corrections  

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2020 Walleye Challenge

By Tina Hageman / March 4, 2021
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2019 Walleye Contenders

By Tina Hageman / September 4, 2019

Here are the 19 contenders for 2019 walleye challenge – my challenge was getting this on the website…. Yikes. Still have a few fishermen coming in the end of September and early October.  An of Course season doesn’t close until Feb 23 2020 … Some really great catches. 

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Lake is about 13″ higher than normal

By Tina Hageman / May 16, 2019

  access to Pike Bay is still possible if you don’t have a windshield on your boat, Fishing has been great when you hit the right spot then thier gone. water temps are about 46-50 degrees.  We are working on getting platforms on top of the docks underwater – we haven’t see this high of…

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2018 Walleye Challenge Winner

By Tina Hageman / May 14, 2019

 Tony’s walleye was recorded at 24 3/4″ , caught in September. Tony was one of 23 contenders this year – biggest year ever of qualifying catches.  Tony and his wife became campers this last fall, it wasn’t hard talking him into entering the challenge and I bet he does again in 2019.    Congratulations Tony,…

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March 14,2019 lake conditions

By Tina Hageman / March 14, 2019

I walked a little ways out , I got stuck in our drive to the launch … LOL good thing I had good boots on  anyway, our road is under water, I walked until it was ankle deep  – slush on both side of the road and  no other roads travel-able . I have seen…

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lake conditions feb 25 2017

By Tina Hageman / February 25, 2017

Wayne was out yesterday getting some ice depths, 19-21″ , which is less than last week. We only had a couple of those above freezing days and now are back in the winter temps of 10 degrees. The launch is still very solid and much of the activity on the lake is truck and 4…

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Feb 15 2017 – lake conditions

By Tina Hageman / February 15, 2017

We still have plenty of snow around, the sunshine is making some melt and makes for a bumpy ride on the lake, but the shorelines are holding up and it’s not as warm out there as you would think. You can drive anywhere on the lake with a truck or 4 wheeler or snowmobile. Fishing…

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500 fishermen at the cass lake chamber challenge

By Tina Hageman / February 11, 2017

Just under 500 fishermen at the cass lake chamber challenge – fishing was slow winner at the time I left was a 8oz perch – not sure the finally winner.

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lake and fishing update jan 31 2017

By Tina Hageman / January 31, 2017
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