Lake conditions Dec 23 – 2016

By sue marchant / December 23, 2016

Well, since no one could tell me what the ice conditions were, I walked out to where some fishermen were, they left before I got there to find out if they were biting but I measured the hole and it appears to be 10″ of ice on this south end – out from cass lake…

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dec 18 walkable ice

By sue marchant / December 18, 2016

for the last 4 days there has  been 1 dark house and 3 pop ups fishing on the south end of cass. no vehichles but definitely walk able ice. no report on the depth from anyone. sub zero temps the last 4 days as well, and today -20s  

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cass has light cover of ice

By sue marchant / December 14, 2016


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no ice yet

By sue marchant / November 30, 2016

     we started to see some ice form in the harbor, but as all summer, the wind came up and the ice just broke up – with the foot or so of snow last week I thought winter was truly here, but while we were in Iowa for Thanksgiving it melted away. The rain/snow…

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Well – the summer season is over

By sue marchant / October 19, 2016

Still some fishermen here for the walleye and muskie – water temp is warmer than the air today – 38 degrees. Yesterday was pretty nice. Wayne has all of the 7 winterized cabins done and shut down. Wade and I have them cleaned and ready for spring – not to rush things….now its updating the…

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Nasty storm last Wednesday 7/20

By sue marchant / July 26, 2016

Estimates in progress – hopeful to get repaired fairly quick.  A couple of cars damaged , but no one hurt just frazzled. Thanks Woody, Cal and all our guests that helped pick up.

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June 24 – gorgeous day

By sue marchant / June 24, 2016

slightly windy but everyone is one the beach enjoying their Friday – fishing has not been terrific this week, and I see the last of the mayfly hatch is starting – these are the big green one.

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June 2- gorgeous day – fishing slow

By sue marchant / June 2, 2016

lots of little ones for each big walleye caught and northern have been plentiful water temps in the upper 60’s still. .

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Wind and rain again today

By sue marchant / May 27, 2016

fishing was great this morning but the wind brought everyone back in another contender for the walleye challenge, check out that post for the contenders this week.

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Fishing is picking up

By sue marchant / May 24, 2016

The fishing is better each day, even with the storms in the early hours, the days have been pretty nice. Last night was really calm and I see the gut bucket is pretty full this morning. Pike Bay channel is closed off from the Sunday winds – I think a boat or two are going…

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