Food and Beverages

          Cans – Bottles – Pitchers    
  Pizzas – flat bread sandwich – chicken nuggets
            Pretzels w/cheese – Bread sticks
    Soft Drinks        
  Sioux city bottles – Coke – Pepsi – Mt Dew – Sprite
      7-Up – Lemon-ade – Water – 1919 Root Beer
    Ice Cream        
               Cones – Malts – Dish – Floats



  Homemade Pizza    
Handcrafted Pizza, build your own or try our specialty pizza’s – Gluten free crust available 
Three Cheese       $11.00    
Single Topping        $11.50    
Two Topping       $12.00    
Three Topping       $12.50    
Specialty Pizza’s     $14.00    
     Supreme: Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom, Green Pepper, Onion
     Taco:    Beef, Salsa, Refried Beans, Onions, Lettuce, Chips
     Hawaiian:     Canadian Bacon & Pineapple    
     Meat Lovers:  Pepperoni, Sausage, Canadian Bacon, Beef, Bacon Bits
     Bacon Cheeseburger:                                    Beef, Bacon Bits, Onions, Pickles, Mustard
     Chicken: Garlic Chicken,  choice of white or alfredo sauce
     Breakfast: Sausage, Egg, Bacon Bits, Salsa    
     White Pizza:   Olive oil, cheese, garlic, Italian seasoning    
     Garden Vegetable: Select your toppings – Mushrooms, Green Olives, Onions, artichokes, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Black Olives, Garden Mix
  Available Toppings    
Pepperoni Canadian Bacon Onions Green Olives
Italian Sausage Bacon Bits Green Pepper Garlic Chicken
Beef Jalapeño Peppers Black Olives Mushrooms
Artichokes Pineapple Sun Dried Tomatoes Anchovies
Other Options:            
Flat Bread sandwich w/chips   $6.00    
Ham, Turkey, Salami, Chipotle Sauce, cheese, garnished with lettuce & pickles- heated 
Chicken nuggets w/ tater tots   $6.00    
six breaded chicken breast nuggets served with tater tots    
Garlic Bread Sticks   $3.50    
4  garlic bread sticks served with heated marinara sauce    
  Premium Ice Cream    
Cone – 2 scoop       $2.25    
Cone – 1 scoop       $1.50    
Waffle Cone       $3.50    
Dish       $2.75    
Malt / Shake       $4.00    
Root Beer Float     $3.50    
Canned Pop       $0.75    
16oz Bottled Pop     $1.00    
20oz Gatorade       $1.50    
Sioux City Soda       $2.00    
Water       $0.75    
1919 Draft Root Beer   $1.50