lake temps 5/18

By Tina Hageman / May 18, 2016

Woody is reporting 50-55 water temps and the guys here are saying the fish are biting, Wayne has already been cleaning them for a couple fishermen.  the weather is getting warmer and less wind – so come and get them….

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Opener weekend kinda slow

By Tina Hageman / May 16, 2016

The neighbor had a guide and they came in with a really nice walleye25″ or better, I only saw it after it was cleaned and several smaller walleye, the cold front seemed to do a number on the fishing. Everyone seems to think they went deep.  I noticed the that there were only small walleye caught…

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Cold and windy opener

By Tina Hageman / May 15, 2016

Ok ok ok – I am getting some flack for not putting information out on the website. Well here it is  – you may be sorry….. Friday leading up to opener was nasty, we had sleet on and off all day, guests coming in and putting in boats. the temps were dropping I had to…

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April 21 2016 lake conditions

By Tina Hageman / April 21, 2016

There was no ice visible on this south end for several days, but you could still see some on the surface farther north. This morning you can see where there is some drifting our way, but is very thin and broken up. I also can see someone has lost their yellow floatie already, with no…

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lake conditions

By Tina Hageman / March 8, 2016

ice is still holding well. Sunshine is making water on top 4-5 inches – but the shoreline is still holding at this point.

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Feb 29 2016 – cold weather is back

By Tina Hageman / February 28, 2016

Well those fish are a little goofy right now, they are in shallow water 5-9 feet and didn’t bite well for the last few days, the ice is about 20” everywhere, and no drifts or slush so you can drive everywhere. A couple guys reported a ridge that was impassable between SE star island and…

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Lake conditions are still in good shape

By Tina Hageman / February 19, 2016

still getting reports of 19-22″ of ice most everywhere on the lake. 2 major cracks reported over in the kettle and a small pressure ridge. The guys found that by accident – whoa! Fishing is still fast then slow. Perch have been reported as best in the shallows this last couple of days. some moisture…

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Lake is still staying at 15-18″ of ice

By Tina Hageman / February 6, 2016

Driving is easy anywhere on the lake. No pressure ridges reported but a few large cracks have been noticed. Fishing has been slow but timing is everything, they hit pretty good then shut off. Wayne has been doing well in 10-13 ‘ of water and jigging about 6″ off the bottom.

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Dec 26 – some fishermen arrive

By Tina Hageman / December 26, 2015

They did a little testing to start then headed south to see what was to be caught. don’t have a actual ice depth yet – will get later and post.

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Well if no fisherman – just play

By Tina Hageman / December 26, 2015

Christmas day was a day to get out on the lake – even if we weren’t fishing. Air field created – now some flying

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