Walleye Challenge

2018 Walleye Challenge Winner

By Tina Hageman / May 14, 2019

 Tony’s walleye was recorded at 24 3/4″ , caught in September. Tony was one of 23 contenders this year – biggest year ever of qualifying catches.  Tony and his wife became campers this last fall, it wasn’t hard talking him into entering the challenge and I bet he does again in 2019.    Congratulations Tony,…

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2018 Walleye Contenders

By Tina Hageman / March 14, 2019
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Walleye challenge 2016-17 contenders

By Tina Hageman / May 24, 2016

SAH-KAH-TAY Beach Resort holds an annual Walleye challenge for guests at the resort who choose to enter. The winner receives a custom built walleye rod, on display in the lodge during the season.   Rules for the challenge are as follows: $1.00 entry fee in advance, one entry per person Challenge runs the length of…

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2015-16 Walleye Challenge Contenders and Winner

By Tina Hageman / May 27, 2015

The following are the entries and the Winner for the 2015-16 Walleye Challenge –  And the season Winner is ….>   Matt’s 24 inch The Other entries   Jacl’s 22.5 inch Munster’s 24.5 inch   Barry’s 22 inch   John’s 23.5 inch     Chase’s 22 inch Conner’s 24 inch   Wayne’s 24 inch   Toni…

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