Cold and windy opener

Ok ok ok – I am getting some flack for not putting information out on the website. Well here it is  – you may be sorry…..

Friday leading up to opener was nasty, we had sleet on and off all day, guests coming in and putting in boats. the temps were dropping I had to bring in my plants, the temps was dropping to 27 over night – nice start to the opener. I thought I may have to start giving ice reports again.

Opener was very blustery, many boats going out and moving around a lot, most early birds were in by 9, because of the cold and wind. As the day went I only saw one boat come in with a catch. and that’s because I was watching tony’s guys too. Water temps are reported to be in the upper 40’s in the deep area’s of the lake, and 50 in the shallows right now.

The sun is out this morning and not much wind – I hope fishing will be better today.

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Tina Hageman