Feb 29 2016 – cold weather is back

Well those fish are a little goofy right now, they are in shallow water 5-9 feet and didn’t bite well for the last few days, the ice is about 20” everywhere, and no drifts or slush so you can drive everywhere. A couple guys reported a ridge that was impassable between SE star island and cedar island. I can’t see it with my binoculars but it’s all white out there. Some puddling yesterday with the 40 degree temps but it’s all frozen again now. The fish were biting awesome on Wednesday and Thursday then dropped off because of the weather change, I imagine , Wayne was out this morning with a friend and they were doing really well, but his friend had to go home – bummer. Cabin 1 the last few days did well at night for walleye and eel pout (they were looking for them) but he said it was slow.

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Tina Hageman