Walleye Fishing Cass Lake MinnesotaCass Lake in northern Minnesota is actually two lakes. The main lake is 15,996 acres with a maximum depth of 120 feet.

Walleye over 10 lbs. and muskie over 35 lbs. are caught in Cass Lake's waters each season. Other game species include northern pike, largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, perch, and the elusive muskie.

Those who enjoy water sports won't have to worry about crossing with other enthusiasts or fishermen, because Cass Lake is plenty big: with nearly 16,000 acres in the main lake.

Cass Lake may be one of the state's largest lakes, full of nearly every kind of  Minnesota trophy fish, but its quiet bays also offer a picturesque background for a lazy day in the boat.

Experienced anglers will find a challenge fishing the maze of steep drop-offs, mid lake bars, and sunken islands located in Cass Lake. Casual anglers can pick a spot any time of day to just relax while hoping for a  lunker.

Cass Lake and Pike Bay are the largest lakes on the world-famous Cass Lake Chain of Lakes that includes Andrusia, Big Wolf, Kitchi, and Big Rice. Both the Mississippi and the Turtle rivers run through Cass Lake.

Perch Fishing Cass Lake Minnesota

There are more lakes in the Cass Lake area than any angler could possibly fish during one vacation -- so there's no shortage of a variety of fishing experiences.

Although 70% of the fish caught in Cass Lake are walleye, the lake offers a wide variety of habitats for many species of fish. These include northern, muskie, jumbo perch, and panfish.

Star Island, located in the middle of Cass Lake is managed by the Forest Service for scenic and recreational use. It is not unusual to spot a bald eagle nesting in one of its old-growth pine trees. The island also has its own lake - Lake Windigo, which produces large bluegills.

Walleye Fishing Cass Lake MinnesotaThe fishing experience of a lifetime awaits you in the Cass Lake Minnesota area. For generations, people from around the United States have been coming to the Cass Lake area of Minnesota, for some of the best and diverse fishing of our nation, and the world.

Great eating fish just minutes from their dock, and a surrounding of some of the most majestic forests in America’s, Cass Lake Minnesota’s rich history of a great fishing destination was born.

Now for many generations, people have come back year after year for the beautiful springs, summers, fall, and even the cold winter months, to relive those life-long traditions that are famous for Northwood’s of Minnesota.

Muskie Fishing Cass Lake MinnesotaAs many of the lakes in our nation have been depleted of the once bountiful fish that were there, here Cass Lake still has a very strong fishery, and most lakes have natural reproduction rates that are the envy of many states in the U.S.

With good management practices by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and fishing regulations that are based more on lake-by-lake management; we are succeeding in keeping our name at the top of the list of great fishing.

Catch and release, slot limits, and experimental regulations have helped build, and sustain a large variety of species in the Cass Lake Minnesota area.

Walleye Fishing Cass Lake MinnesotaIt is believed by many fishermen that we still have nearly the same fishing opportunities that our grandparents had here a couple of generations ago.

In fact, with smart stocking programs, better fishing ethics, and a whole new world of electronics that make it easier for us to find and stay on the fish, we are holding our own, and maybe even improving the fishing experience for all.

Many locals and visitors alike share their stories about starting their fishing lives here in Cass Lake Minnesota area. Maybe they were kids and came with their parents or grandparents to our area for the first time, those memories have lasted a lifetime. Now they bring their own children and maybe grandchildren to Sah Kah Tay Resort to rekindle life’s cherished moments.

Muskie Fishing Cass Lake MinnesotaLocal, state and national tournaments are held each year in our area, and it speaks well for our fishery here.

The most famous anglers in the U.S. come here to hone their skills, enjoy our unforgettable scenery, and compete with their peers for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes.

To the many who live, work, and call the Cass Lake Minnesota area home, we are the proudest to pass on the rich tradition of fishing.

Like the old saying, you can feed a meal of fish and satisfy someone for a day, but teach them to fish, and you have given them the gift that lasts a lifetime.

All we can say is that "Our grandparents had it right!"

Good luck fishing, and please share that experience with a child!

Muskie Fishing Cass Lake Minnesota