The MI-GE-ZI Trail, accessible from our resort just opened a year ago and is a beautiful trail for hiking or biking through the Chippewa National Forest around Pike Bay.

Hikers and walkers in the Cass Lake area can tramp through the big woods, stroll down a backwoods lane, walk around lakes and even hike around a lake within a lake on Star Island.

The Chippewa National Forest makes maps available  for most of their hiking trails, ranging from .5 to 68 miles. Some trails are known for their eagle viewing, others are self-guided nature tours.  Seventy-eight miles of non-motorized trail pass through some of the best grouse habitat in the Forest.

In addition to offering excellent fall grouse and deer hunting opportunities, these trails also provide excellent hiking, cross-country skiing and wildlife viewing opportunities throughout the year.  Near Bemidji and Itasca State Parks have their own trail systems and you can even walk across the mighty Mississippi River at its source in Itasca State Park.  Call (218) 335-8600 for a handout of twelve Chippewa National Forest hunter/walking trails.

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