When the lakes freeze over, small communities of ice houses spring up on the frozen waters around Cass Lake Minnesota. Keep cozy in a nice warm ice fishing house or sit on a bucket and fish out in the clear open air. There are a number of winter ice fishing contests in and around the Cass LakeMinnesota area.

The most famous of the winter fishing contests is the International Eelpout Festival on Leech Lake 20 minutes south of Cass Lake. The Cass Lake Minnesota Chamber of Commerce also holds their annual ice fishing tournament which included some nice prizes.

Each winter hundreds of brave ice anglers converge on the Southwest corner of Cass Lake for the Annual Cass Lake Chamber of Commerce Winter Fishing Challenge. This has become a tradition that is definitely not for the weak.

Ice Fishing Cass Lake MinnesotaSometimes braving wind chills of 50 degrees below zero, this tournament is certainly a challenge. The Cass Lake Chamber of Commerce Winter Fishing Challenge has found a way to help with the cold weather that characteristically encompasses northern Minnesota in the winter. By allowing portable fish houses to be used, the tournament has become more attractive to those individuals that are not very keen about braving those awful wind chills.

For those that accept the challenge there are large prizes given out and raffle prizes for the ones who buy a ticket but don’t participate. Come experience true winter in northern Minnesota and win yourself a fabulous prize in the process.

Whether your hitting the ice for a monster walleye or in the mood for some laid back perch jerkin, Cass Lake has plenty of opportunities for every type of fisherman.

With our ice fishing sleeper units, ice fishermen can get away for a weekend of great ice fishing, or stay in one our comfortable cabins then rent one of our portable ice fishing houses and experience the great ice fishing that Cass Lake has to offer. We invite you to come and spend your winter weekends ice fishing at Sah Kah Tay Resort.

Ice Fishing Cass Lake Minnesota Ice Fishing Cass Lake Minnesota

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